flexCMO™: Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

A flexCMO is the strategic alternative to recruiting – a seasoned marketing executive to hit the ground running, leap tall buildings and then go away when you don’t need them.
Fractional CMO – A Scalable, Affordable, Flexible Resource

Your dedicated flexCMO offers strategic vision and goal-setting, program assessment, campaign development and a comprehensive measurement system to ensure optimal ROI.

Instead of adding a high-priced FTE, your flexCMO is cost-effective and scalable, helping you through the peak loads of product launches, trade shows, user conferences and other resource-stretching milestones.

Maximize the return on your marketing spend

With a 360° perspective, your flexCMO will help you unlock the synergies among the various elements of your marketing program.

From value proposition to channels, client acquisition to comprehensive client journey mapping, to complete lifecycle management – and all the content in between – you will realize the value of targeted repetition and maximize your revenue opportunities.

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