Email Marketing: Is it Still Relevant?

My entire career has been dedicated to complex technologies (things you’d have a hard time explaining to grandma). So many companies find refuge in being obtuse and using obscure, unrelatable and pregnant terms (terms that make sense if you work for the company and attended “that” meeting) to describe their offerings.

I love everything Jaymie has to say in this article. Having spent almost 40 years in marketing, I am constantly astounded at the number of companies that choose “humor” as their voice and then deliver content that is, crushingly, not amusing. But, in complex markets, there is nothing worse than obfuscating your message with terms that are not understood to a broader audience, nor have intrinsic value (or even comprehension) to a perceived insider market. This has to fall into the category of “massive marketing fail” and I admire Jaymie’s restraint in gently suggesting improvements to communication strategy rather than a more acerbic critique. If you can’t communicate, haven’t you failed the most basic of marketing tests?

Posted on: Jun 27, 2019

Posted in: Around the Net

Author: Jaymie A. Scotto Cutaia, Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)


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