4 Tasks New Bootstrapped Businesses Should Outsource

I’m always suspicious of anyone demanding outsourcing of core functions. Not necessarily bad advice but one thing I’ve learned is that you’ll never develop a core competence in a discipline you completely outsource.

What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) represents an economically attractive way of upgrading your company’s marketing strategy and to optimize the return on your marketing investment.

Six PR And Marketing Tricks For Promoting Complex, Technical Concepts

My entire career has been dedicated to complex technologies (things you’d have a hard time explaining to grandma). So many companies find refuge in being obtuse and using obscure, unrelatable and pregnant terms (terms that make sense if you work for the company and attended “that” meeting) to describe their offerings.

6 Key Steps to Digital Marketing Investment Success

How you choose which marketing technologies to invest in may drive more than your results