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Process Models Drive our Approach to Marketing

Your B-2-B Virtual Marketing Consultancy

Metrique is a virtual marketing consultancy. We are dedicated to business-to-business marketing strategies and programs. The name, Metrique, comes from the French word for metrics. This reflects our focus on performance management and a results-driven focus. Metrique offers flexible, cost-efficient and effective marketing services to technology and healthcare IT companies in the early- and growth-stages.

Targeted to CEOs and Investors, our virtual marketing services span much of the spectrum of marketing. We do, however, play well with others, and frequently partner with other agencies and providers to create a seamless experience for you and your staff.

Our Services

Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Services

  • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Development
    • Positioning
    • Messaging
    • Corporate Storytelling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Fundraising Planning & Support

  • Marketing Budget & Financial Planning

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Go-to-Market Programs

Creative/Technical Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Development (WordPress/PHP)
  • Print Design & Production Management
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Video/Animation Production
  • Content Development
  • Digital Ad Production

Our Approach to Virtual Marketing

As a B-2-B virtual marketing consultancy, we are not constrained by finite resources. We assemble project teams based on our leadership’s 60+ years of experience, to tailor the optimal force to execute on your key goal – hence virtual marketing consultants.

These teams can be scaled on demand – up or down – to match budget, workload and project phase. Most importantly, we look to structure equitable and cost-effective partnerships with our clients that are 100% focused on outcomes. Our engagement model is based on a project/statement of work metaphor which, we believe, puts the pressure on our organization to deliver, rather than a never-ending retainer that may cause you to question effort and urgency.

The Process

From an initial assessment phase we jump into your assignment, as follows:

  1. Statement-of-Work – Develop a fixed-cost statement of work, clearly defining scope,  roles and responsibilities, overall timeline, goals and milestones and overall costs.
  2. Planning – We operate from highly-detailed strategic marketing plans, and actively solicit buy-in from your executive team prior to work commencing.
  3. Resourcing/Recruiting – Identify appropriate resources to accomplish the assignment.
  4. Execution – Diligently apply our best efforts to your project(s).
  5. Activity Reporting – Deliver detailed weekly and monthly reports outlining activities and effort for the time period.
  6. Attainment Reporting – Frame a monthly executive report identifying progress against goals, any issues encountered and detailing lessons learned over the review period.


Time-Sensitvity – Having grown up in the start-up world, where every deadline is ASAP and 80-hour work weeks are the norm, we strongly believe that the process adapts to meet your timeframe. Lynne has been frequently quoted as saying “any deadline can be achieved if there’s a weekend between now and then”. This reflects our work ethic and understanding of the true needs of your business.

Cost-Efficiency – We manage your budget as if we were spending our own money, and within your cultural comfort-zone.

Client-Empowerment – We view our #1 goal as working our way out of a job. We focus on creating self-reliance for your organization, without lingering dependencies on our team, and documenting new processes as we go.

Manufacturing Mentality – We approach every assignment from the perspective of creating reproducible processes, and introducing automation in every task we undertake. We anticipate leaving your marketing systems and processes in better shape than we found them.

Our Founders

Lynne Anderson, Chief Creative at Metrique - Your B-2-B Virtual Marketing Agency

Lynne Anderson

Chief Creative

Lynne is a creative veteran on both the client- and agency-sides of start-up and growth stage marketing. Her passion for design, branding and user-experience combines with a fierce practicality to deliver unique creative solutions that differentiate her clients’ branding and messaging.

In her spare time, Lynne is a wine maven and makes her home in Walla Walla, WA. For years, Lynne has been involved in dog rescue, focused on Great Danes. As a cutting-horse enthusiast, Lynne competed (and won) numerous awards. She’s also an avid golfer and, like many, is working to reduce her handicap, whenever possible.

Bob Pinkerton, Marketing Guy at Metrique - Your B-2-B Virtual Marketing Agency

Bob Pinkerton

Marketing Guy

Bob has spent his entire career in B-2-B sales and marketing as VP-Sales, CMO, COO and co-founder of numerous technology companies, as well as founding three different agencies. His leadership skills have led to positive outcomes for investors including several acquisitions, an IPO and accelerated growth.

His passions include taking complex technology solutions to market, developing effective branding, positioning and messaging, as well as helping companies develop their marketing organization, strategy and automation.

Bob is an avid golfer and wine enthusiast. Unlike Lynne, Bob has given up trying to reduce his handicap.

Get Started

Our process starts with a rapid assessment of your marketing situation. From this analysis, we will work with you to frame a strategy, develop key objectives and identify a series of measurable KPIs to keep us all on track.

To get started & schedule your free assessment please call us at +1 425.378.0524 or click the button below.

We look forward to the opportunity.