6 Key Steps to Digital Marketing Investment Success

How you choose which marketing technologies to invest in may drive more than your results

Interesting article from CMS Wire on how to approach your investments in marketing technologies. While we generally support the guidance given here, we are reminded of the sheer scale of this decision making. According to chiefmartec.com (Scott Brinker), the universe of suppliers of marketing technology tools and platforms is (effective April 2020) some 8,000 vendors. See the infographic here.

So, in addition, to the guidance in this article we’d highly recommend developing some form of relevance matrix that defines what automation is important to your success and why. Not recommending any scientific approach to forming the matrix but repeating old advice that you should always write down your assumptions for post-hoc analysis, and dare to be wrong!

Posted on: Jun 1, 2020

Posted in: Around the Net

Author: Sharon Goldman, CMS Wire

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