Q. How much marketing do you need?

A. Enough to deliver on your vision!

Introducing flexCMO, the intelligent way to maximize your marketing investment.

A flexCMO helps match your growth vision with proven strategies and pragmatic programs to drive your business forward. All for less than the cost of a marketing middleweight.

  • Interim, Part-time or Project-based Marketing Experts
  • Lowest Cost, Maximum Expertise
  • Instantly Scale – Up or Down
  • No long-term commitments
  • Technology & Healthcare Domain Expertise
  • Shallow Learning Curves, Rapid ROI
  • Practical, Pragmatic & Hands-on


Our Services

Review your marketing strategy, programs and resources …
Launching new products, testing new channels, opening new markets …
Developing operational or fundraising business plans with meaningful KPIs …
Marketing technology assessment, selection, implementation …